Decorate Your Home in Southwestern (Rustic) Style

Buffalo skullLooking for a new decorating style for your home that will add charm and warmth? Consider Southwestern or Rustic style, which is fast becoming one of the most popular design trends in the home fashion industry. Rustic style decorating gives your home a casual feel that brings to mind cozy log cabins in New Mexico or sprawling Arizona ranches. So how can you add a Southwestern flair to your décor without having to move to the desert?  Michigan Building Specialties has some tips!


Vibrant, earthy colors are the cornerstone of the Rustic style. Freshly painted walls and colorful throw pillows and rugs in hues such as cactus green, adobe red and desert-toned neutral hues combined with splashes of bright yellow, dusty orange and deep turquoise add a Southwestern feel to any room.


Certain types of fabrics also give rustic flair to home design. Woven fabrics, leather, and suede make great upholstery for Southwestern furniture, or you can choose to incorporate oversized furniture made of rugged wood or iron.

Accents and Accessories

The best way to accessorize a Southwestern style room is to draw from nature.  Hand-painted clay pots, painted ceramic pieces, and striped serapes (colorful wool shawls) hung on the wall make rustic great accents that will make your room pop.

Other Decorating Elements

There are several other design elements that are utilized in Southwestern decorating. Some of the most common include:

  • Repurposed and whitewashed wood
  • Bamboo, wicker, and burlap
  • Raw edge and sun bleached fabrics
  • Distressed velvet
  • Vintage toile
  • Felt
  • Raw silk
  • Hand knitted or woven blankets
  • Vintage crocheted lace
  • Terracotta pottery
  • Aged mirrors
  • Mercury glass
  • Cow hide
  • Sheep skin
  • Vintage country style paintings and old photos
  • Distressed/chipped paint
  • Antlers or horns

Remodeling Elements

Aside from Southwestern decorating, there are remodeling projects that can also change the style of your home into a more rustic setting, including adding terracotta tiles to floors, countertops, and walls. For a more in depth remodeling project, consider adding distressed style wood flooring or thick, oversized ceiling beams to your home.

Bringing these elements of Southwestern design into your home is a great way to change the whole look and feel of your personal space.  For more information about rustic design and decorating, please visit our website at http://www.4-mbs.com/.


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