2013 Fall Colors for Your Home Remodeling Projects

Home Remodel choose paint colorsOne of the easiest ways to change the feel and look of a room is by adding a new color scheme. A fresh coat of vibrant paint on the walls, accented with coordinating pillows, rugs, photos, and other home accessories, can make any room in your home feel like a whole new space.

When searching for color ideas to use in your fall 2013 home remodeling projects, a great resource to consider is the current fall fashion trend. Although it might seem a bit unusual to look towards the fashion industry for home décor ideas, the home textile and accessories industries often refer to New York Fashion Week’s Pantone Fashion Color Report for inspiration. Refer to this report while you choose your home remodeling colors for an updated, modern palette.

According to this year’s Color Report, the 2013 fall fashion trends include colors that incorporate “a palette of many moods” which vary from “sophisticated and structured to lively and vivid, encapsulating our inherent need for wardrobe variety to reflect emotions that run from thoughtfully introspective to irrepressibly elated.” Pantone’s top ten list states that emerald green will continue to be the top color of the season, while the remainder of the list includes:

  • Linden Green, “a yellow-toned green that adds lightness and brightness to the deeper shades of fall.”
  • Mykonos Blue, “a bold, meditative blue for a classic and relaxed fall look.”
  • Acai, “a plum full of exotic mystery and richness.”
  • Samba, “a spirited red that brings an expressive and dramatic look.”
  • Koi, “a decorative orange with dazzling and shimmering qualities.”
  • Vivacious, “an unruly and wildly deep fuchsia that adds an ebullient sensuality.”
  • Deep Lichen Green, “a naturally lush shade of green that serves as an anchor. As it almost looks like stone, it also brings neutral qualities.”
  • Turbulence, “a dark mercurial gray.”
  • Carafe, “a rich, glamorous brown.”

By utilizing this list of fall fashion trends during your remodeling project, you will be able to easily create a room that is just as colorful, fun, and fashionable as your wardrobe! For more remodeling project ideas, please visit our website at http://www.4-mbs.com/.


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